Modern Chiaroscuro

The inspiration behind the Editorial comes from an oil painting technique that uses strong light and dark tonal contrasts to create the appearance of 3D objects on a 2D surface.  
Our goal was to modernize this technique through Photography by using extreme light and the absence of to create dimension.
Modern Chiaroscuro Image 1.jpg
Modern Chiaroscuro Image 2.jpg
Modern Chiaroscuro Image 3.jpg
Modern Chiaroscuro Image 5.jpg

We experimented with the dichotomy between light and dark.  Channeling this idea of contrast into every aspect of the story.  Our stylist chose rigid and structured pieces and put them against flowing and ethereal fabrics.  The hair and makeup team envisioned beauty that curated a perfect blend of femininity and androgyny.

The models become the objects, images and shapes built through light, transforming and reviving this romantic technique into a current and relevant style.


Photography |Sara Nevels of Talk Studios // Hair |Jenna Alisoglu, The Phoenix Makeup Collective // Makeup |Bryanna Casey & Stephanie Neiheisel, The Phoenix Makeup Collective // Styling |Parisa Zahedi All Designer Labels / wardrobe from CURIIOS // Models |Xaria Walls, Agency: The Agency Arizona, Bailey Olivas, Agency: Arizona Model Management // Location |Blok Studio, PHX AZ

Stephanie Bryanna