The Collective: Continued Artistry

The Beauty Industry is in a state of constant change. With so much evolution and innovation, we strongly believe that in order to be successful in this field and continue to be successful is to continue to learn.

Our Mission: To encourage, support and elevate the beauty industry in Phoenix.
— Phoenix Makeup Collective

Continued Artistry is an important part of our agency, we want our artists to be at the cusp of innovation. Learning new techniques, introduction to new products and tools, and keeping up to date with current styles and beauty trends.

The Phoenix Makeup Collective offers more than representation to its artists with continued education classes.

Taking It One Step Further

We also offer classes to the public!  Whether you are a Freelance Professional or just a Makeup Aficionado, join us and expand your makeup skills!


Bry & Steph

Stephanie Bryanna