Makeup Class: Mastering the Smoky Eye and Applying Lashes

Phoenix Makeup Collective is hosting a Makeup Class on-

AUGUST 21st, 2016


Desoto Central Market

915 N Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004

10AM - 12PM

You can always reach us by email at!

The smokey eye is always classic.  It's timeless! Yet it still lends itself to innovation. The smokey eye allows you to tap into your alter ego and feel glamorous and fierce for any occasion. Its also a fun way to create art with your makeup! Smokey eyes can be worn with different colors from deep gem tones to rustic browns, to the deepest black. Depending on your eye shape you can also have a lot of fun creating different shapes and styles with your look!  

Knowing the different textures and intensities of your shadows is also a vital part of creating a smoky eye. We will show you how to understand different formulas and textures so yo can maximize your products whenever applying a creative eye like the oh-so-intimidating smokey look!

In this class our goal is to show you placement techniques and product knowledge to achieve a smokey eye no matter what kind. Have the proper prepping products and tools will make it SO much easier for you! 

The skills and techniques behind the "smokey eye" are the same as all eye looks, but your possibilities are endless and you're simply working with darker tones. Blending is absolutely vital so we'll be going in depth with this!

Details we'll be going over-

  • Lashes! They always complete the look. We'll be showing you our favorite lashes brands as well as different glue options that we love.
  • Sometimes you have to get creative with your lashes. We'll be showing you techniques for how to trim and layer lashes as well as knowing the different types of hairs. (synthetic, mink, silk, etc...)
  • We'll talk about the difference between applying lashes on clients vs. yourself.
  • Applying lashes is fun BUT you need to be safe. Know the ingredients of your glues and make to always check to see if you or your client has any allergies before applying the lash.
  • Smoky eyes are only as pretty as the clean up and detail work done to the brows and cheekbones after. We'll be going over how to clean up and frame your perfect smoky look!


  • A notebook and a pen/pencil

  • Your beautiful face!

  • If you’re a professional in the beauty industry, please bring your business cards, so we can connect!



Bry & Steph

Stephanie Bryanna